about the seamstress

Brooke lives in Springfield, VA and has been sewing for about 15 years. She has a wide range of experience in the textile arts, from spinning and weaving to clothing construction and quilting. If it has to do with fabric, she has probably tried it at some point!

In the past, Brooke has created vintage inspired pieces for bridal parties, groomsmen, and brides--from a simple reception coat to dressing the entire wedding party head to toe. As an avid swing dancer, she strives to create vintage reproductions that are easy to move in and are sturdy enough to take some punishment on the dance floor.

Embroidered logo towels she made for DC's premiere swing dance venue, The Jam Cellar, can still be spotted in dance bags all over the country. The Rhythm Hot Shots, a dance group in Sweden, also own T-shirts with custom embroidery by Brooke. Along with various dance items, she went though a pet accessory phase, making custom cat beds and toys.

Currently her main interests are creating original fashion accessories, quilted wall hangings, and recreating vintage and historical clothing. However, her interests are forever cycling and expanding and are subject to change with any new inspirations that cross her path.

current projects

To see what Brooke is working on right now, visit Her Blog.

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